Sunday AM, August 5th, 2018Victorious LivingGary Tracy
Sunday AM, July 8th, 2018Walking with JesusJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, July 8th, 2018The MarriageJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, July 1st, 2018A Great NationJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, June 24th, 2018Graduation DayJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, June 17th, 2018Homeland!Jeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 17th, 2018Arrive Alive!Jeff Tracy
Sunday PM, June 10th, 2018CommunionJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 10th, 2018Treasure HuntJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 3rd, 2018ObedienceJeff Tracy
Sunday PM June 3rd, 2018Taking out the TrashJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 27th, 2018Mighty Man of ValorJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 20th, 2018The Shepherd's CallJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 20, 2018Crucial CommunicationJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 20, 2018Crucial CommunicationJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 13th, 2018Following ForwardJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 13th, 2018Mothers Day - Message of the ButterflyLaura Tracy
Sunday PM, May 6th, 2018Worship While I WaitJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 6th, 2018O.M.W.Jeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 29th, 2018Spring ForwardJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 22nd, 2018Forward: ReachingJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, April 15th, 2018The Gift of GivingJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 15th, 2018Forward III - ForgettingJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 8th, 2018Forward: the Upward CallJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, April 8th, 2018Forward II - Lay HoldJeff Tracy
Wednesday, April 4th, 2018The Blessings of Following JesusMaverick Beal
Sunday PM, April 1st, 2018TwitterpatedJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, March 25th, 2018SANCTIFIEDJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 25th, 2018Legacy of LeadershipJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 18th, 2018Legacy of LaborJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, March 18th, 2018SEASON of SelfJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 11th, 2018Legacy of LifeJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, March 11th, 2018SOWJeff Tracy
Wednesday, March 7th, 2018Legacy: MemorialJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 4th, 2018Legacy of LoveJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, March 4th, 2018SINGJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, February 25th, 2018Family Covenant: CommitmentJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, February 25th, 2018The Role: ChildJeff Tracy
Wednesday, February 21st, 2018Hand Over Your HeartBrooke Tracy
Sunday AM, February 18th, 2018The Role: WomanJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, February 18th, 2018WorshipNo Speaker
Sunday AM, February 11th, 2018The Role: HusbandJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, February 11th, 2018Family Covenant IV - Support CheerfullyJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, February 4th, 2018Family Covenant III - Serve SelflesslyJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, February 4th, 2018Hold You, Daddy!Jeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 28th, 2018Of Fear and FaithJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, January 28th, 2018Family Covenant II - Share ResponsibilityJeff Tracy
Wednesday, January 24th, 2018A Man with a PlanMaverick Beal
Sunday PM, January 21st, 2018Family Covenant I - Protect UnityJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 21st, 2018Joy... In the Mo(u)rningJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 14th, 2018Abundant LifeJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 14th, 2018Abundant LifeJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, January 14th, 2018Go Make DisciplesJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, January 14th, 2018Go Make DisciplesJeff Tracy
Wednesday, January 10th, 2018Wonderfully MadeJeff Tracy
Wednesday, January 10th, 2018Wonderfully MadeJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, January 7th, 2018REBOOTJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, January 7th, 2018REBOOTJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 7th, 2018All Things NewJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 7th, 2018All Things NewJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, December 31st, 2017, 2017What Time is it?Jeff Tracy
Sunday AM, December 31st, 2017, 2017What Time is it?Jeff Tracy
Wednesday, December 27, 2017, Batteries Not IncludedJeff Tracy
Wednesday, December 27, 2017, Batteries Not IncludedJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, November 19, 2017Acting Up XVI - Spirit LedJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, November 19, 2017One Another: Build and EncourageJeff Tracy
Wednesday PM, November 15, 2017FollowersJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, November 12, 2017Love One AnotherJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, November 12, 2017RemembranceJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, November 5, 2017It's WAR Time: From Victim to VictorJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, November 5, 2017Acting Up XV - By Works or FaithJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, October 29, 2017RainJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, October 22, 2017Acting Up XIV - ContinueJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, October 22, 2017It's WAR Time - Take the GateJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, October 15, 2017It's HIGH TimeJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, October 15, 2017Acting Up XIII - Shake It OffJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, October 8, 2017Its WAR Time VI - S.WordJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, October 8, 2017Thank YouJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, October 1, 2017Its WAR Time: ShieldJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, September 24, 2017Its WAR Time III - The Garment of PraiseJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, September 24, 2017Acting Up XI - Antioch ChristianJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, September 17, 2017It WAR Time - Pleading the BloodJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, September 17, 2017Acting Up - X FactorJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, September 3rd, 2017Its WAR TimeJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, September 3rd, 2017Acting Up - Fear and ComfortJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, August 27th, 2017Acting Up VIII - Scattering the FireJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, August 27th, 2017Three Steps to Answered PrayerJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, August 20th, 2017The Burden of the WordGarry Tracy
Sunday AM, August 20th, 2017The Spirit of the Anti-ChristGarry Tracy
Sunday AM, August 13, 2017Acting Up VII - The Story of StephenJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, July 30th, 2017ITS TIME 2 B GreatJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, July 23rd, 2017Acting Up - UnityJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, July 16th, 2017ITS TIME 2 B BoldJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, July 9th, 2017Living for EternityRev. Mike Hennessey
Sunday AM, July 2nd, 2017The SignJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 25, 2017ITS TIME 2 Give UpJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 18, 2017Father's DayRev. Nixon
Sunday AM, June 11, 2017ITS TIME 2 GrowJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 4th, 2017IT'S TIME 2 Move UpJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 28th, 2017IT'S prayer TIMEJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 28th, 2017IT'S TIME 2 TarryJeff Tracy
Wednesday, May 24, 2017ITS TIME 2 Practice what we PreachJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 21st, 2017IT'S TIME 4 Good NewsJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 21st, 2017IT'S TIME: Perspective of PrayerJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 14th, 2017Mother's Day: Strength & HonorJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 14th, 2017IT'S TIME 4 Persistent PrayerJeff Tracy
Wednesday, May 10th, 2017The Best, More Excellent & GreatestJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 7th, 2017IT'S TIME 2 BoastJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 7th, 2017IT'S TIME: Priority of PrayerJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 30th, 2017Can DoJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, April 23, 2017IT'S TIME: Pray with PurposeJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 23, 2017GoMissionary Joshua Moreno
Sunday PM, April 16, 2017Pray II - The Posture of PrayerJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 16th, 2017Easter - Live Love LaughJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, April 9th, 2017Pray: An Audience with the KingJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 9th, 2017Your MajestyJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, April 2, 2017IT'S TIME 2 Rest RightJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 2, 2017Honor & the FoolJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, March 26, 2017Honoring The HomeJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 26th, 2017IT'S TIME to Bless the LordJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 19th, 2017His HonoredJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 19th, 2017Spirit FilledJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, March 5th, 2017The Disciples' PrayerJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 5th, 2017Abounding AbundantlyJeff Tracy
Wednesday, March 1st, 2017Lead CourageouslyJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, February 26, 2017ITS family TIME - ProactiveJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, February 26, 2017ITS family TIME - PartyJeff Tracy
Wednesday, February 15th, 2017ITS TIME - PresentJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, February 12th, 2017Preach - Speak the Truth in LoveJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, February 12th, 2017Jacobs JourneyGarry Tracy
Sunday AM, February 5, 2017IT'S family TIME - PrayerJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, February 5th, 2017IT'S family TIMEJeff Tracy
Wednesday, February 1, 2017It's Family Time - ProvideJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 29, 2017Shield, Glory & LifterJeff Tracy
Wednesday, January 18th, 2017Practice ThanksgivingJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 15, 2017CommunionJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, January 15th, 2017Prayer POWerJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 8th, 2017It's Time - AWAKEJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, December 25, 2016Joy of JesusJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, December 18, 2016Love Languages IIIJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, December 11, 2016Love Languages IIJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, December 4, 2016Lord of LoveJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, December 4, 2016Love Languages I - Intro and Words of AffirmationJeff Tracy
Wednesday, November 30, 2016SEEdJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, November 27, 2016WorshipJeff Tracy
Wednesday, November 16, 2016StoryJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, November 13, 2016Altars of RemembranceJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, November 6, 2016Under AuthorityJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, November 6, 2016In AuthorityJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, October 30, 2016A Song of ThanksgivingJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, October 23, 2016Critical Choices IIJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, October 23, 2016a small messageJeff Tracy
Wednesday, October 19, 2016Laws of BlessingJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, October 16, 2016First LoveJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, October 16, 2016Altars & CovenantsAshley & Brooke
Sunday PM, October 9th, 2016Give ThanksJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, October 9th, 2016ProdigalMel Calhoun
Sunday PM, October 2, 2016SHaKeNJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, September 25, 2016Living Love - JesusJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, September 25, 2016Driven To PrayJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, September 18, 2016Church In MotionJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, September 11, 2016Staying SaneJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, September 11, 2016Why I PrayJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, September 4, 2016Labor's RewardJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, August 28, 2016Feed the FireJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, August 28, 2016Fundament Faith - Part TwoJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, August 25th, 2016Faith part oneJeff Tracy
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016Love RejoicesJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, August 14, 2016The Missing PageGarry Tracy
Sunday AM, August 14th, 2016The Scent of HopeLori Wagner
Sunday PM, August 7th, 2016Faithful FollowerJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, August 7th, 2016Take HeedJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, July 17th, 2016The Family BusinessJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, July 10th, 2016I Would See JesusJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, July 10th, 2016Still StandingJeff Tracy
Wednesday, July 6th, 2016Love is not ProudJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, July 3rd, 2016Dependence DayJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 26, 2016Going Back to BethelMoses Cruz
Sunday PM, June 26, 2016Sources of StrengthJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 19th, 2016NailsJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, June 19th, 2016Self-ControlJeff Tracy
Wednesday, June 15, 2016KindJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, June 12, 2016GentlenessJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, June 12th, 2016Follow MeJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 29, 2016Worthy of WorshipJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 22, 2016The Secret PlaceMoses Cruz
Sunday PM, May 22, 2016GoodnessJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 15, 2016PentecostJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, May 15, 2016KindnessJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 8, 2016Mother's NatureLaura Tracy
Sunday PM, May 8, 2016PatienceJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, May 1, 2016Where Are You?Moses Cruz
Sunday AM, April 24, 2016Abundant LifeJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, April 24, 2016PeaceJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 17th, 2016I AM Jehovah JirehJeff Tracy
Wednesday PM, April 13, 2016Prayer of SignificanceJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, April 10, 2016LoveJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, April 10, 2016Strong and CourageousJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, April 3, 2016Guatemala Missions TripMoses Cruz
Sunday AM, April 3, 2016Teach Us to PrayJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, March 27, 2016AmbassadorsJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 27, 2016The Spirit of the LordJeff Tracy
Wednesday PM, March 23, 2016LORDJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 20, 2016Threefold Cord of BlessingLaura Tracy
Sunday PM, March 20th, 2016Apostles of Love III - JohnJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 13th, 2016Welcome HomeJeff Tracy
Wednesday, March 9th, 2016Narrow GateJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, March 6, 2016Never AloneJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, March 6th, 2016Not Voodoo, But You DoJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, February 28, 2016For the Love of PeteJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, February 28, 2016The Path of JoyJeff Tracy
Sunday PM, February 7, 2016Jeff Tracy
Sunday AM, February 7, 2016the day of small thingsJeff Tracy
Wednesday, February 3, 2016Go... and Make DisciplesPastor Jeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 31st, 2016UnityPastor Jeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 3rd, 2016Ready? - Pastor Jeff TracyPentecostal Church In Motion
Sunday PM, January 1, 2016GoalsJeff Tracy
Sunday AM, January 1, 2016Prince of PeaceJeff Tracy
Sunday Am, June 24th, 2018I Am- The Way, The Truth, The LifeJeff Tracy
engSunday AM, July 31st, 2016God is a DemonstratorGarry Tracy
Sunday pm, January 8th, 2017Running the Race - FastingJeff Tracy